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I'm still here.. But i'm actually here --->

I've logged in after a long time, a really long time. So long that I now cringe at the title I've given both my blog name and my "alias". I can't even blame my youth for this. I came up with this crap well after I turned 18, so I guess this is the something I need to live with.
But I actually came back to updating my blog because in the last year my life has changed so drastically. I'm in the place Andy Bernard from the office studied at man!! 10 odd years back when Dwight and Michael and Jim from the office were ribbing that guy from Cornell I had no idea I was going to be here!! In fact, I even selected Cornell as my first choice in the MBA GMAT college dropdown because of that, I wasn't expecting an MBA from the US man,  I just selected Cornell for Andy!! And the more I think about it, the more surreal it gets. I just feel lucky right now. I'm a good place, in a new phase of life, fat but alive.. I guess right now is a really good time to be me (t…
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The Indian GP, Shock & awe!!

India had a very eventful October to say the least; The Mumbai Indians won the Champions League T20 followed by the rest of India’s Indians whitewashing the English in the one day series. Delhi was supposed to have Metallica first, but eventually quiet little Bengaluru was woken up with random shrill cries from 4 dopey Americans with loud Instruments. But by far the most awesome thing to happen was India pulled off the Inaugural Indian Grand Prix at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida. The track, the cars, the noise, the feel, nothing could match the excitement it generated. Somewhere in the middle of it all though, it lost its essence, its “Indianness”.
So here are my 10 reasons why I was pleasantly surprised by the Indian Grand Prix.
1) Shahrukh Khan was nowhere to be seen, even more shockingly, no Ra.One posters.
2) The event organizers went for Metallica over a performance from Malaika Arora.
3) Maharashtra didn’t create a ruckus that the UP guys took away our jobs first,…

Lokpal Bill.. Anna Timeline

1) April 2nd – India win the world cup… All the papers mention it as if it’s the greatest thing to ever happen to India.. Big Moment, definitely. But does this have to be the greatest moment for India of this decade? Debatable. One man, sitting in his modest village of Ralegan Siddhi had a bigger picture in mind. “28 yrs ke baad phir se World Cup to jeete?? Aage kya? How about people come to know about something that was to happen in 1968, still hasn’t. Emotions are charged, strike when the iron is hot. Jan Lokpal Bill, we’re coming to revive you!” Stand Up, Anna Hazare!!
2) April 3rd-4th: Anna Hazare, meticulous man that he is, does some research on the bill. Realizes that old India knew new India would me pretty messed up in the future considering all our politicians are old, uneducated, orthodox buffoons,& the new folk are too "cool" to get into politics. He had to get their attention. As well as educate them. But how??
3) April 5th – Hunger Strike Mofos!! Anna knew t…

The Womens day article

We’re Indians, besides my uncanny ability to point out the obvious, I would also like to point out, that by default we have Indian values (demure attitudes yet perennially raised eyebrows & of course, projectile spitting), which have restricted our approach towards women. We know of them as Freedom fighters, Space travelers etc. however somehow, Society still brands them as the weaker sex. The Travesty of it I tell you. Society should bow down before her Might. You disagree eh?? (affix tight slap here). You want Proof? (2 more slaps) I’ll give u 4, mytho style!! Pay close attention minions!!
1) Goddess Roadvati : She’s above the road, i.e. The rules of the road are not for her. She’s allowed to cross the streets without a care in the world, cell-phone in hand. The mere fact that she’s conversing indicates the urgency of the matter, didn’t u read the “Women Crossing” pamphlet in Driving school you imbecile!! If you dare hit her, accept your fate from her faithful followers (read roa…

Relationshipus Nonsensiclus…

If the Title confuses you then relax, coz it’s a new term that has been given to the age old malady that has been going on for generations on end. It is a condition that generally affects the Heart( source) but then starts spreading to afflict the various other parts of the body, resulting eventually in, Failure of the Brain, i.e. Maximus Stupidus. Ladies n gentleman I present to thee, Love..
In my 21 years of research I have found out that this is by far the most overrated of Diseases, and is easily curable, though it’s preferable if it were Prevented. It has a affliction rate higher than the Common Cold, n causes more physical n mental damage than Prostrate cancer. It is also known in the inner circle as “Ladoo Motichurus, jise ho vo bhi tadpe, jise na ho vo bhi tadpe”. However one of the most lethal aspects about this disease is that if you are affected, n then if the Virus decides to leave ( sometimes, luck permitting) u still end up with “Humiliation Extremus” which is caused by t…

Dekh tere sansaar ki haalat kya ho gayi Bhagwaan, kitna badal gayaa Hindustan!!

Meri Maa Hamesha kehti hai, ki Kitna alag tha unka bachpan,
35 ke umar mein Nargis Mother India bani, Aur aaj kal sabko hero hi rahna, even if he is Pachpan..

Waheeda Rehman ne “Pyaasa” mein, sirf Apni aankhon se duniya ko maara,
Ab to Katrina ki kamar na dikhe, Distributor to bhookha hi mare bechaara..

Laxmikant Pyarelalji ke madhur saaz , Rafi aur Kishore ke aavaz suhaane,
Aaj kal Sameer jaise lyricist hain, aur sadele rap ke bina kaise hove khatam gaane??

Pehle tha sirf humaara Doordashan, raat ko “chitrahaar” dekhke so jaana..
Aaj kal Hindi sunne bhi na aave, Reality Shows ke karvat shabdon ka hai zamaana..

Aaj kal “Kingfisher Deccan” zyaada chale,kisi ko na jaana in apni comfortable rajdhaani,
Energy ke liye peete hain Gatorade, kya bhool gaye sab log Glucon-D with paani??

Kingfisher aur Royal Stag ka zamaana gayaa beta, sab ko chahiye nashaa foreign,
Teamwork gayaa khadde mein, haare to “Ur fault”, jeete to “Mere Kaaran!!”..

Bacche aaj kal “Wassup Dude” chillaye, Namaste bolne ki gayi tame…

I’m sick of killing vampires… I’m thinking of retiring..

Well, The twilight Series is pretty hot right, Even In India.. Those Really good looking kids playing “Vampires” remind me of the good old days with "Buffy-The Vampire Slayer” and then that Show “Angel” that has the “Bones” guy… Good Stuff!!
So before the new Twilight movie (New Moon!! amazing link up play with the words in my opinion, better than Liverpools at the moment), in a method inspired by “The Late Show with David Letterman” ( Yes, “inspired”) I bring you my Top 10 reasons for quitting my Vampire Mutilating Job..

1) Buffy Quit, no more eye candy at our Month end meets..
2) The Pay is atrocious!! Plus Halloween comes just once a year, so the vampire fangs I collect to sell in the black market during that time tend to rot after a while.
3) They have blue blood, after slashing them when it sprays across the room it tends to take away my sense of achievement. Red is a lot more Motivating!!
4) There’s only one weapon to kill them u know, the Cross with a spike at the bottom, Airli…